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The Boys #72 – the final solicitation. (Dynamite, 2012)

BOYS #72 (MR)
(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) Darick Robertson
THE FINAL ISSUE! The long day closes on the Brooklyn Bridge, as our hero finally meets his destiny. There’s one last deal to be done, As Stillwell finds out the real cost of doing business, and one last surprise for Rayner too – as she begins her long-dreamed of political career. The Boys’ story comes to an end in this final issue containing 24 pages of story! Contains 5 pin-up pages of brand-new art as well as a complete cover gallery!

Solicitation for The Boys #71 (Dynamite, 2012)

THE BOYS #71Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russ Braun
Colorist: Tony Aviña
High above the streets of New York City, Hughie and Butcher reach the end of the line. There’s blood to be spilled and truth to be heard. The last Boys storyline reaches its conclusion, in the sixth and final part of The Bloody Doors Off.
1 issue till the end!!!

Hmmm…..Hughie on this cover smiling wistfully. Knowing Ennis, this is a portent of bad news for Hughie……

Solicitation for The Boys #69 (Dynamite Entertainment, 2012)


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature

Written by GARTH ENNIS



The third bad day: as Hughie reels from the events of last issue, the trail leads him to the home of an old adversary thought long dead. Butcher gets in touch with a few details no one’s yet considered, and Frenchie gives our hero a brutally honest rundown on his chances- before a lethal attack at the heart of the Boys’ operation shatters the status quo forever. Hughie finally discovers exactly what he’s doing, in part four of The Bloody Doors Off.

3 issues till the end!!!

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The Boys #62 cover for January 2012

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Well, that’s a true first for a comic book cover as far as I know, a post-masturbation scene, with a Queen Maeve magazine image as the catalyst for the (ahem) ‘act’.

If anyone was ever going to provide the comic book world with such a front cover, one of my top choices to provide it would be Garth Ennis. Bless him. He has delivered.

The Boys #62 will be out in January, courtesy of Dynamite.

Review – The Boys #42 (DE, 2010)

That cover really captures the ‘spirit’ of The Boys. If you read the title, I would give you one guess what Starlight had just done to cause her to wipe her mouth – and I bet you would guess correct….

I haven’t reviewed this in a few issues, so I think it is time for a catch-up. The current arc ‘The Innocents’ is as dense as ever in Vought American intrigue, and ‘Superduper’ are not particularly interesting (or funny). But where ‘The Boys’ is hitting the heights is in the fragmentation of The Boys themselves. Butcher no longer trusts Hughie, and Butcher also knows about Hughie and Starlight. Now, MM appears to be on a collision course with Butcher. And in the background, simmering, is the knowledge that sooner or later Annie (aka Starlight) will confess to Hughie about her Super Identity. Strange, exciting times.

Solicitation for The Boys #41 (DE, 2010)

Rating: MATURE
Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: Darick Robertson
Colorist: Tony Avia
Publication Date: APRIL, 2010
Age range: 16+
Hughie goes to work on Superduper, and soon realizes that he’s never seen Supes like these before. With the arrival of new leader Malchemical, the Superduper kids have problems of their own – and Hughie’s unexpected assistance only deepens Butcher’s dark suspicions. MM, in turn, is starting to wonder about Butcher’s motives in all this… our heroes weave a tangled web, in part two of “The Innocents”.
Suggested for mature readers.

Review – The Boys #39 (DE, 2010)

Warning – Spoilers

The Hughie / Anna (aka Starlight) romance has been burning brightly for around 2 years now. It’s a touching and (fairly) believable take on a burgeoning relationship between 2 lovestruck young adults. The fact that Ennis has played it straight and sweet (well, as straight as Ennis gets, so there is lots of sex and some toilet humour)for so long with this plot thread is a great example of how strong this title is. Storylines can grow and develop, have time to breathe, meaning the emotional impact of a plot twist is heightened and really does grab the attention. The way that Butcher finds out about Hughie and Annie is paced so well, that although you know what is coming, it puts a knot in your stomach as follow each panel until Butchers terrible realisation. And he had only popped out to the local British shop to get some tea bags (nice touch there, Mr Ennis and Mr Robertson).

Elsewhere, Mothers Milk finds comfort, but at a (financial) cost. I didn’t know what to make of that scene. I don’t know if Ennis was going for sympathy, pity or sadness. It left me feeling curious.

The other highlight of this terrific issue was The Frenchmans ongoing battle to save the Female’s soul. By introducing her to a British institution. I will not spoil it, but it is a bit of an in-joke, one for the fan-boys and old men alike, and I loved it.

Finally, over at Vought American, power-plays are being set into motion. We meet a new character, Jess Bradley, a lady with ambition. I am sure we will be seeing more of her soon. How she fits into the overall scheme of things, time will tell.

Entitled ‘What I Know’, this issue served Billy Butcher – who thinks he has a firm grip on every situation – with an unexpected variable. One that is going to have to be dealt with. One that will be dealt with at a price.

Another brilliant installment of The Boys.

Review – The Boys #38 (DE, 2010)

A return to form after the (frankly) disappointing ‘origin’ of the Frenchman, who probably deserved something a bit better than the lame story he got saddled with. Anyway, he fares better in this issue, as The Female has her past explored. Quite a tale it is too – with Japanese scientists in a race against time to beat Vought American to a successful ‘Superhero’ compound, it is one woman who makes an (in)difference. Ennis and Robertson successfully manage to convey the fury and violence of The Female, but also her vulnerability, and you are able to pity a young child who had their innocence and joy robbed by a combination of bad luck, circumstance and one terrible mother….

Beyond that, there are hints of harder times for the Boys ahead. Maybe this interview with Ennis will give further clues. I don’t know where The Female is heading at the end of this issue, but it seems portentous. Glad to see she has recovered from that beating she took a few issues back. Loved the cover art for this issue, seems like Deadpool likes Alien as well. I think Darick Robertson wins this particular face off though – there is something quite beautiful about the art on that cover. Maybe the best one yet he has served up for The Boys.

A great start to 2010. Still one of the best titles.

Review – The Boys #37 (DE, 2009)

La Plume De Ma Tante Est Sur La Table

So, now we get the Frenchmans origin. Hughie, perhaps speaking for the ready, wonders why we / he is having another ‘origin’ story told him straight after Mothers Milk beginnings. To be honest, it all seemed a bit silly, an excuse to dabble in a bit of Gallic nonsense and even at the end of the tale, we are none the wiser if what we have been told is ‘true’. There is a bit of an obligatory shag in there (just to remind you you are reading something written by Garth Ennis), some inventive violence / violation and not much of a story – certainly nothing to add to continuity or character development.

Whereas the Mothers Milk origin had a story to tell, this issues ‘origin’ story felt lightweight, as if Ennis is obliged to get all of the characters back history told, but is heart is not in it. We shall see. Shame that ‘The Boys’ has to bow out of 2009 with a (Gallic) shrug of indifference. The good times will return, but this diversion was a missed opportunity. Only the last line that Frenchie said has any impact, and its significance may be telling in the coming issues.