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Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (15/04/09)

Some exciting stuff again this week, as 100 Bullets reaches the end of its brilliant run, and Captain America continues to excel (and has the best looking cover this week). Elsewhere, there is an exciting new title from Image (Overlook), The Stand adaptation brings us Randall Flagg and ‘Trashcan Man’ and then we have The Walking Dead. Rick, Abraham, Carl and Morgan are in deep trouble with a herd of Zombies. As the solicitation read – ‘Surrounded!’

Here are my picks of the forthcoming week;


100 Bullets #100 – This is it. Nearly a decade in the making, the Eisner Award-winning, critically acclaimed series comes to its inevitably blood-soaked end. What final fate do agent Graves and the rest of the cast face? Who will be left standing when the gun smoke clears? Find out in the epic, final issue of the series Playboy magazine called “a meditation on money, power and morality…for our money, the best current ongoing series.”

Captain America #49 – The most important issue of Captain America since issue 25 is finally here! Sharon Carter’s dreams are forcing her to relive the death of Steve Rogers — and her time under the control of Dr. Faustus. But will these dreams also reveal hidden secrets about what she saw and did the day Steve died? By Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.

Overlook #1 – Mickey “the Nickel” Nicholson will do anything for a buck. A dirty prize- fighter, Mickey is hired by a mobster gone straight to infiltrate an underground boxing outfit in the small corrupt town of Overlook. His goal: to find the mobster’s stolen “rainy day” money and kill his wayward wife. In return, the mobster will assassinate a victim of Mickey’s choice.

Stand American Nightmares #2 – The dead are still dead and the living are still finding their way through this horribly altered landscape of America. Thus, it’s a perfect time to—bring on the bad guys! Randall Flagg performs his first act of magic and begins his cross country journey in a souped-up Buick. And then, there’s the strangest addition to the cast yet…Donald Merwin Elbert, the Trashcan Man, a pyromaniac who suddenly has no one to curb his unhealthy obsession with blowing things up. All this plus Rita suggests to Larry Underwood that they should start making their way out of New York, perhaps via…the Lincoln Tunnel! And you know what that means.

Walking Dead #60 – Surrounded! – Captain America preview – Stand American Nightmares preview