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POWERPOP! Selection 4 – Elvis Costello ‘Accidents Will Happen’ (1979)

This is not only a truly great song, a standout of any artists career – and in amongst the rich and varied Elvis Costello song catalogue, that is high praise – but this track also boasts a classic and distinctive video. Created by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, who also produced the video for ‘Genius of Love’ for Tom Tom Club, and gave the world Max Headroom, the video for ‘Accidents will Happen’ is a fascinating piece of animation, a period piece, but entertaining and full of charm. Here it is;

The song itself came off the ‘Armed Forces‘ album, that Elvis Costello and The Attractions released in January of 1979. The single, their follow up to the UK number 1 ‘Oliver’s Army’, was released in the Spring of that year and got into the UK top 30, getting to number 28 in May. In a cool reference to the title of the song, the vinyl singles cover was printed inside out, with the artwork (see top of the post) on the inside, and plain cardboard on display. Pure powerpop – short, punchy, killer chorus – this song has always been a favourite of mine. Enjoy.

Credit to NotoriousHEB
for uploading this video on youtube – the quality is excellent.