The Droids – The Force

In 1977 (the Year of Star Wars) Yves Hayat was in the record industry, working for French label Barclay Records. With all the hysteria and hype surrounding the cinematic blockbuster, Hayat felt suitably inspired to make his own musical tribute to the quasi mystical space opera. A keyboard player called Richard Lornac  (who was a musician on Barclay Records rare Afrobeat LP Tumblack) and drummer Jean-Paul Batailley completed the band. And the name of said band? The suitably derivative ‘Droids’ no less. A first single from the band, with the in-no-way-a-cash-in-of star-wars title ‘The Force’ was released, and fans of Space Disco were treated to a performance of the band on French TV, accompanied by a lady dancer/droid.swinging her legs with abandon and not displaying typical droid behaviour. I do not know what C-3PO would have made it. I have a good idea what Daft Punk would have made of it though – wonder if this was in any way an early influence on them?

They followed this up with an album, called Star Peace (see image at the top of the post) which is on Spotify;

For more on the Droids and their Star Peace album, see here

For more on Space Disco – see here and here.

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