2 thoughts on “My Gaming Timeline Magazine Part 9 – Covers Special – the 1980’s”

  1. C&VG in 1988 – why so late to the party? Actually I only bought C&VG myself as a filler while waiting for ZZAP!64 to hit the shelves (the 12th of every month I seem to recall). I bought most of the ACE magazines in their original binders recently and found it to be amongst the best of the post-8bit era mags. Good times.

  2. I actually only really go into C&VG until the mid nineties. My favourites of this period – certainly from 1985 to 1986 when I was spending more time gaming than on anything else – were the Newsfield publications. There was something lovely and shiny about Crash, Zzap64 and Amtix, that made all the games that were in those publications that bit brighter and special. They were great, stylish reads, and C&VG did not compare in my opinion.

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