2 thoughts on “Solicitation for The Walking Dead #104 (image / skybound, 2012)”

  1. I love your reviews on Walking Dead issues, but why do you only review some issues and not others? I read one review and get excited for the next one, and then none. I don't know. I guess I'm saying I wish you would review every issue instead of every third issue. Thanks.

  2. Hiyathe problem is that some of the issues just do not excite me enough to review them any more. Take last issue (#101). I read it in about 3 minutes flat and did not get a lot out of it. It is the typical Walking Dead filler issue that fits nicely in the trades as the calm before the storm. The ending was ok, but did not give me chills or thrills. I think for the past 2 years the comic has probably had more average episodes than good ones. And great issues are thin on the ground. But you know what? I am going to have another read of it and see if I can squeeze a review out of it.

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