My Gaming Timeline Part 2 – The Arcade. (1970’s)

I thought I would eschew the usual canon of arcade games (who doesn’t know Asteroids, Space Invaders or Galaxians?) and post some images that evoke my time at the amusement arcade (specifically Drayton Manor Parks Amusement Arcade).

In order of appearance here – Boot Hill, Periscope, Killer Shark.

Images courtesy of;–Arcade-game-from-JAWS-original—screen-used-movie-props-Jaws–1975–prop-14799.html

2 thoughts on “My Gaming Timeline Part 2 – The Arcade. (1970’s)”

  1. Good to see you've got your blogging mojo back! We've got similar tastes in retro pop-culture, so I always enjoy reading your stuff.I have some vivid memories of Boot Hill from family holidays in Scarborough in the late 70's. My Dad & Uncle loved it – it's the only video game I can recall either of them ever playing, so that makes it all the cooler, in my eyes…Dazzy Hitch

  2. Hello thanks for the comment. My next post in the gaming timeline helped me to crack a mystery that has been plaguing me for the past 25 years or so. A game console so far back in the mists of time I could not remember its name. I only had the colour of the console to work on, and its controllers. I should be posting that up this month, because March 2012 also marks a 5th anniversary of TWLB. I don't have the inspiration to blog as furiously anymore, but there is still stuff to blog about. Not finished yet ;-)CheersTWLB

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