Paul Starr (1964)

This was the pilot for a TV puppet show, in the vein of Thunderbirds, that never reached full production status. ‘Paul Starr’ (a name very much of its time – he sounds like a 60’s crooners stage name), had the vision, but didn’t match the technical brilliance of Thunderbirds. In ‘Paul Starr’, the suspension of disbelief is nowhere to be found – its some models on strings being guided by human hands. In Thunderbirds, the stage sets, modelling and the handling of the various ships and vehicles allowed you to believe that what you were watching was almost real. Some of the puppets themselves have that faintly eerie quality that the TV marionettes had at the time (like Stingray and Fireball XL5 and Supercar – some downright disturbing puppets in some of those shows).

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