Review – The Boys #60 (Dynamite, 2011)

It’s a review, so needless to say – SPOILERS for this and previous issues of The Boys. If you read (and wait) for the trades, you may NOT want to read this.

So, we kick off the final 2 story arcs with part 1 of ‘Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men’, which is a nice tribute from Ennis to a great band;

Anyway, what the issue does nicely, with a plot device you probably see coming as soon as it is introduced, is set the endgame up. Vought American finally get their man in control in the White House, which, considering their man has the intelligence of a dull 5 year old, means effectively VA now rule America.

What the issue does not do, is really take in the repercussions of the death of one of The Boys last issue. Butcher, in a subtle series of panels, touches on the loss, but that is it. I am sure Ennis will explore it further.

Mothers Milk has issues, and is off to sort out a family problem (it involves Porn) -but how that ties into the main plot? Don’t know, but I guess at this stage, as we approach the end, all the plot strands will be significant. MM’s involvement in #60 did feel a bit ‘stuck-on’ though. I don’t know what purpose it served.

The introduction of the ‘Team Titanic’ was a fun way to wrap up the issue, as they have a bit of a Liefeld look about them, a real early 90’s vibe about their attire. Their entrance was suitably stupid – but what else would you expect from this title?

 I thought the book as a whole was humorous, there was some of Ennis dark humour throughout, some digs at Marvel, there was Sex, Violence and gruesome Death. All the elements that make The Boys (generally) so great (when its on form). And it is on form now. The story whizzed by – could have done with a few pages more to be honest.

A great cover from Robertson as well.

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