Review – The Walking Dead 82 (Image, 2011)

This issue does not muck around, picking up seamlessly from issue 81’s high drama. As Rick and Michonne desperately try to save Morgan, elsewhere the chaos and terror deepen. Glenn has accepted his fate, Douglas is a broken man, Abraham is a man with fear and rage surging through him, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Rick and Andrea, divided by a gulf of the undead and a broken haven, are united by one thought – keep those you trust and can depend on closest. Anyone else is expendable. Whereas Andrea shows loyalty to those who she has been with from the start, it is Ricks absolute bloody-minded determination to keep those closest to him alive that is seen to be more brutal and further evidence of his descent into something of an anti-hero. He is not likeable. He does what he needs to do but he is not a saviour, much less a hero.

Great issue. Undecided on the arc as a whole, but its looking to be the best since the ‘No-one is Safe’/Woodbury arc. Less reliance on verbosity and the soap opera style conversations that have threatened to derail the pace of the story in recent issues, this is Walking Dead at its best – emotional, violent, frightening. Life is cheap and the end, for some, is near.

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