Review – Sweet Tooth #17 (Vertigo, 2011)

The end of the Book Three, the climax of the ‘Animal Armies’ conflict, brings despair and a measure of hope in the grim landscape that Lemire has so vividly illustrated. With Jepperd leading the rescue attempt at the camp, there is one secret that is finally revealed. We finally find out the truth about Jepperd’s son – and the way Lemire tells it is shocking and stunning. I would not expect Lemire to hold back, and he doesn’t. There is so much misery and despair in Sweet Tooth that the humanity, when it surfaces, is heartbreaking. But the hope is the real killer here – because the further this odyssey goes, the realisation that these characters are heading towards an endless horizon of suffering is inescapable. But it is the most beautiful and sad comic book around.

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