Review – The Boys issue 46 (Dynamite, 2010)

Dynamite’s Gem. Ennis’ filthy crowning glory. At issue 46 the Hughie/Annie love story has well and truly curdled and Butcher is there making sure that the curd turns into something more substantial (for his interests, anyway). This is the most verbose issue of The Boys i have read (i think), but all the better for it. There is a real edginess, a palpable sense of tension between Butcher and Hughie. You can tell that Butcher wants to protect Hughie, while at the same time not relenting on breaking his heart. Butcher & Hughie as characters grow in this issue – Ennis’ love of the characters is apparent. Whenever ‘The Boys’ reaches its climax, you can bet that those two will be there.

Oh, by the way, there is no Darick doing the illustrating this time. You will notice (no disrespect) – the writing is too good.

‘BELIEVE’ as an arc just got a whole lot more interesting. Very British, very bloody good. Bless you, Garth Ennis.

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