4 thoughts on “Universal Dead – new Zombie Apocalypse ‘web series’ that looks better than most zombie films proper! (2010)”

  1. Hey how are my friends in the UK? Vernon Mortensen here, director/producer of Universal Dead. Thanks so much for the coverage. Episode 3 will be live very soon.

  2. UNIVERSAL DEAD PRESS RELEASE Unconventional Films – creator of UNIVERSAL DEAD – is completing discussions w/ Paramount Lot Producers, Fishman Productions, Ltd., on a Full Length Feature version of their highly successful horror web series. An official announcement is anticipated during Comic Con where UD will be the featured Project at ICON’s Saturday July 24, 2010 Event. UD Talent will be at Comic Con for signings and to meet their avid fans. UD writer Kelly Parks indicates "I can’t wait for fans to see the whole story!" Director Vernon Mortensen said, “Fishman Productions has the highest integrity and has really earned our respect.” FPL Executive Producer, Jeff Fishman, admits being "blown away by the connection fans feel for “Universal Dead" and the Full Length Feature Script Kelly has written”. The Full Length Feature script is still under wraps and Fans are hoping for some teasers during Comic Con.

  3. Hi, I am the creator, writer, director, and producer of a mockumentary web series called Zombie Hunter. As you already probably guessed, the show follows an incompetent but overly confident zombie hunter as he goes about investigating infected areas, resolving civilian issues, collecting accolades, and plugging his few sponsors. It would mean a lot to me if you could find time to check out a few of the episodes, which can be found here on the Zombie Hunter website. http://dedmanproductionsllc.wordpress.com/zombie-hunter/If you genuinely enjoy the show and wish to help spread the word, then please go right on ahead. Thank you, Jesse Dedman

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