Review – Sweet Tooth #9 (Vertigo, 2010)

Spoilers ahead!!

Another highly impressive, engrossing episode of Jeff Lemire’s post-apocalyptic opus. Here, he effortlessly interweaves the tales of Gus & Jepperd, as the reader gets a better understanding of the forces at work in this terrible world Lemire has conjured. There is nothing but pure misery and sadness running coursing through this issue – Jepperd hell-bent on self destruction, lamenting his lost love, Gus terrified, confused and alone – but the power of these emotions is compelling. There is a lot more of this tale to be told.

Maybe we are beginning to understand the bigger picture, maybe beginning to grasp what is driving / killing Jeppered. My perception of Singh changed somewhat during this issue. Maybe he is as helpless as Jepperd & Gus. Abbot, however, seems to be all about evil and power…

Nice Mad Max/ Akira tribute inside these marvelous pages as well. This title has not put a foot wrong, and as it heads into double figures, its power and intensity only increases. BUY THIS BOOK. IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

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