Dracula lollies – they exist!!! (in The Netherlands) (2010)

A couple of years ago, I posted a press advert for the Walls ice lolly ‘Count Dracula’s Deadly Secret’. The lolly itself, a confection from the 70’s, was memorable, not least because of its black iced coating and blood red jelly centre. Anyway, here was the post;


So, I was in our local Albert Heijn tonight – Albert Heijn being The Netherlands equivalent of the UK’s Tesco or Sainsbury, but in reality its closer in look and feel to the Co-op – and much to my surprise, I saw a box of these in the freezer section;


I don’t think they carry the ‘deadly secret’ on the stick, like they did in the 70’s – and I cannot attest to the quality of the lolly – yet. But it made me smile. DRACULA LIVES!!!

5 thoughts on “Dracula lollies – they exist!!! (in The Netherlands) (2010)”

  1. Soon! And I will reveal my findings. However, the weather over here went from hot and sunny last week to cold, wet and windy this week – and continues to be miserable…..not lolly weather i'm afraid.

  2. after i left the first comment i was in iceland yesterday here in london they also sell em…6 for 1 pound..and they are very nice i am still in shock!!!!amazin..any weather can be lolly weather especially dracula!!!!

  3. ok…they are cola flavour,strawberry in middle and vanilla at the bottom,,,not quite like the original but close enough,for a flashback,,,Cheers`.`.

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