Review – Resurrection #10 (Oni Press, 2010)

Things pick up a bit this issue. The ‘Acolyte’ and his ‘Disciples’ find themselves at the mercy of those infected with the alien parasite that makes them look like they are covered in cement and moulded into gargoyles. There is a death (I think, it happens off panel but seemed to imply a death) of one of the major characters and it seemed a bit throwaway as the guy is apparently a bit ‘mysterious’. I had no feelings about the guys death. But I don’t think Guggenheim (in this series) writes sympathetic, likeable or particularly involving characters. What he does write, on occasion, is some great action set-pieces. This is what elevates this issue above the mundanity of the last few Resurrection installments. I was no clearer about anything about Resurrection at the end of the issue. If that helps. It’s just sort of there, mildly entertaining – but I have stuck with this ‘reboot’ for about a year now and I feel compelled to see where it’s going. Not an inspiring review is it? It’s not an inspiring title either.

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