Biba & TWLB

This blog is 3 years old this month. It started off inauspiciously and has pretty much carried on that way, but I would like to thank anyone and everyone who bothers to read what I chuck out onto this blog. I appreciate it. And all the people who leave comments, like Nick, Nigel M and ecofugal, thank you.

The first post I put out was a picture of a BIBA advert. Cannot for the life of me think why I posted it now. I have no particular interest in BIBA, the advert is not particularly striking, and is pretty far removed from the usual content I publish here. Never mind. To celebrate 3 years of TWLB, here is a pretty picture from BIBA;

and here is to another 3 years before I post another BIBA picture (maybe).

4 thoughts on “Biba & TWLB”

  1. many happy returns TWLB. thanks for reminding me of the Star Wars Xmas Special; i thought i'd purged that from my brain forever.

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