2 thoughts on “Favourite New English Library paperback covers – part 8”

  1. TWLB, you have really really got my attention with these- in recent years I have read hardly any fiction at all aside from Henry Porter spy novels but I am gonna have a look to see if I can pick up one or two of these from an excellent second hand bookstore I know in the capital- again for sheer nostalgia value. I was a bit of a skinhead as a kid and am getting a bit nostalgic for early 80s stuff- so dont be surprised if my next blog post is composed and uploaded from a zx spectrum hehe.

  2. Hi Nigel,look forward to the post uploaded from the ZX Spectrum – if you start it now (the uploading that is) it may be ready to read by Christmas ;-)I have a thing about these books – especially the Skinhead & Biker books that NEL churned out – because they were proper exploitation fiction. Pick a youth cult, add lots of sex and violence, keep the page count to between 100 and 200 pages and don't add too many fancy words. And try and keep the language 'authentic'. Now, there is nothing wrong with 'long' words, and books with a page count of over 200 – I read a fair few of them – but these NEL books are a piece of recent British Social history, and deserve to be cherished like the grubby, nasty oiks that they are.Good luck with the book hunt – let us know what you get.BTW – love the new site! I was a bit stunned when I went to 'spitonyourtaste' one time before Christmas to see you had gone!CheersTWLB

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