4 thoughts on “TV Times scans from August 1979”

  1. Thanks you for posting it on your blog. Glad you liked it.I have also just uploaded the Joanna Lumley centerfold from the same issuehttp://i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss43/ecofugal/tvtimes_july_1979/lumley01.jpg

  2. yeah these great, and thanka twlb for introducing me you to eddy's blog- those old scans give me a warm nostalgic glow and the latest one reminded me of what I used to do on saturdays as a kid (watching the wrestling on world of sport mostly) and also, even though I was pretty much always out of the house the tv shows that I would watch almost religiously.

  3. @Nigel Mevery Thursday morning, when my Nan got the next weeks TV Times and Radio Times (because you had to have both, remember?) was a time of great excitement at our house. Especially when Radio Times had Doctor Who on the cover. I hope Eddy comes up with some more of these – they are amazing.CheersTWLB

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