Review – Sweet Tooth #6 (Vertigo, 2010)

Warning – Spoilers

So much going in this issue – and it is not all about Sweet Tooth. If you thought Jepperd had ridden off into the sunset with a holdall full of cash, then you are in for a sobering reminder of the power of Lemires beautiful writing. We learn more about his past life, about the beginning of the plague / apocalypse, and more about the man himself, and the promises he keeps. What this tells us about Jepperds future role in this tale is unclear. What it tells us about the man is more revealing.

Gus, meanwhile, is at the mercy of ‘The Militia’. The mysterious Dr. Singh is mentioned, but not seen, but other children like Gus are revealed. Tragic and touching – these scenes carry a lot of raw power. Like Jepperd, Gus’ future is uncertain – but his seems to be in more preil than his former protector.

As gripping, tragic and solemn a comic as you will read this week. Brilliant.

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