Review – The Boys #39 (DE, 2010)

Warning – Spoilers

The Hughie / Anna (aka Starlight) romance has been burning brightly for around 2 years now. It’s a touching and (fairly) believable take on a burgeoning relationship between 2 lovestruck young adults. The fact that Ennis has played it straight and sweet (well, as straight as Ennis gets, so there is lots of sex and some toilet humour)for so long with this plot thread is a great example of how strong this title is. Storylines can grow and develop, have time to breathe, meaning the emotional impact of a plot twist is heightened and really does grab the attention. The way that Butcher finds out about Hughie and Annie is paced so well, that although you know what is coming, it puts a knot in your stomach as follow each panel until Butchers terrible realisation. And he had only popped out to the local British shop to get some tea bags (nice touch there, Mr Ennis and Mr Robertson).

Elsewhere, Mothers Milk finds comfort, but at a (financial) cost. I didn’t know what to make of that scene. I don’t know if Ennis was going for sympathy, pity or sadness. It left me feeling curious.

The other highlight of this terrific issue was The Frenchmans ongoing battle to save the Female’s soul. By introducing her to a British institution. I will not spoil it, but it is a bit of an in-joke, one for the fan-boys and old men alike, and I loved it.

Finally, over at Vought American, power-plays are being set into motion. We meet a new character, Jess Bradley, a lady with ambition. I am sure we will be seeing more of her soon. How she fits into the overall scheme of things, time will tell.

Entitled ‘What I Know’, this issue served Billy Butcher – who thinks he has a firm grip on every situation – with an unexpected variable. One that is going to have to be dealt with. One that will be dealt with at a price.

Another brilliant installment of The Boys.

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