TV Times scans from May 1983

Want to know what you could have been / or was / watching on ITV or Channel 4 on the 22nd of May 1983 if you lived in the LWT (London Weekend Television) area? Well, wonder no more;

These pages, and many more, can be found here;

and while I am at it, I will plug ecofugals rather lovely blog;

where you will find lots of posts with lots of great art and pictures, and enough information about the subject to make you want to dig a bit deeper. I visit quite regularly and it is always very pleasant indeed. You will see stuff like this;

He really has an eye for a great image.

12 thoughts on “TV Times scans from May 1983”

  1. oops just noticed name of photobucket channel. ecofugal.still nice looking through these- i love stuff like that and could happily pick up a few back issues of ebay just for nostalgia sake

  2. Hi Nigelaye, that ecofual has some good stuff on his photobucket channel – his blog is interesting as well.I have been looking for some old radio times scans as well – would love some of the old Doctor Who / Survivor / Doomwatch / Quatermass articles that were undoubtedly covered in their time.If I ever find any, I will post them up here.CheersTWLB

  3. hi there,I just found TWLB via Nigel's comment on my blog.Thanks Nigel.Thank you so much for your kind words. My blog is really more of a visual bookmark. I afraid i don't write much in the way of original content.Glad you liked those TVTimes scans. I only have a one or two issues plus a few radio times (mostly from the early 80's)Btw, do you know the site

  4. Hi Eddythanks for dropping in. Love your site! I am there usually once a week to see what's new. I love it – you have put some good stuff up there, enough to make me dig a bit deeper.And aye, I know the cosmobells site as well – some rare old stuff indeed!CheersTWLB

  5. hi there,i have scanned another TV Times magazine. This time from July 28 1979.check it out here

  6. Thank you so much for this. I am writing my autobiography where the television played such a central role in my childhood from the late seventies to the mid to late eighties. I have bought a couple of old Radio Times from 1982 and 1984 from Ebay but have yet to purchase any TV Times. This issue from this era is just what I was looking for! Thank you.

  7. @Mr Riaz Alihappy to help! Though all credit goes to the wonderful ecofugal for scanning these.How far are you with your autobiography? Just tried to get on your site but it seems to be down at the minute. Sounds interesting – let me know if you want to publicise it and I would be glad to give it a mention on here.TWLB

  8. hi TWLB,have scanned in an old Look-In from the 1980's. you can access it here believe this magazine is sadly no more.cheers

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