Review – The Boys #38 (DE, 2010)

A return to form after the (frankly) disappointing ‘origin’ of the Frenchman, who probably deserved something a bit better than the lame story he got saddled with. Anyway, he fares better in this issue, as The Female has her past explored. Quite a tale it is too – with Japanese scientists in a race against time to beat Vought American to a successful ‘Superhero’ compound, it is one woman who makes an (in)difference. Ennis and Robertson successfully manage to convey the fury and violence of The Female, but also her vulnerability, and you are able to pity a young child who had their innocence and joy robbed by a combination of bad luck, circumstance and one terrible mother….

Beyond that, there are hints of harder times for the Boys ahead. Maybe this interview with Ennis will give further clues. I don’t know where The Female is heading at the end of this issue, but it seems portentous. Glad to see she has recovered from that beating she took a few issues back. Loved the cover art for this issue, seems like Deadpool likes Alien as well. I think Darick Robertson wins this particular face off though – there is something quite beautiful about the art on that cover. Maybe the best one yet he has served up for The Boys.

A great start to 2010. Still one of the best titles.

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