Review – Resurrection #6 (Onipress, 2009)

The end of book two. About half of this book of six issues have been worth the effort, and luckily if you are reading the singles like I am, the good stuff was all in the latter part. It was so slow to start, seemed to be heading nowhere fast, and then, towards the end of issue #3, something clicked in to place. Since then, it has been an absorbing and well told post apocalyptic tale. I now think that overall, this ‘reboot’ (ie ‘Book Two’) is better than ‘Book One’.

This issue takes it’s foot off the gas, in order to allow characters to regroup and to prepare for the next chapter in this saga, but the way that Guggenheim brings it all together is still fascinating. There are little asides that may have significance, there is now a purpose for the survivors – like The Walking Dead characters, they too are off to Washington DC – and the aftermath of the attack on Red Lion is explored. Someone familiar to readers of Book One makes an appearance toward the end – and this is a signal that both books characters will now begin to converge, and that should present a whole new set of challenges (and threats) for former President of the United States Bill Clinton, his security detail, and the likes of the Lisco’s and Susanne Cooke.

Finally, I just want to say that the inclusion of Bill Clinton in this does not feel like a gimmick – it makes perfect sense in the tale that Guggenheim is telling. This is a story of survival, of rebuilding – of ‘resurrection’. Why would there not be survivors who held office? Why not tell a story where they are involved, where the process of trying to restore order out of chaos is detailed? By including Clinton, Guggenheim has made this story more real, not ridiculous. It is, maybe, his masterstroke.

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