Bad VHS Cover Art Part II- The Sequel!

Following on from a post made a while back last year, here is a further helping (dollop?) of atrocious VHS video cover art. Imagine someone holding a crayon hard in their fist, their tongue firmly out of their mouth in concentration, brow furrowed, as that crayon is dragged hard across a piece of A4. Then the process is repeated, with another coloured crayon – well, that could have been the whole creative cycle that birthed these atrocities. Take a look (if you must);

Sheer terror! Bloody awful art!

‘A boy went away to war’….and came back looking like he was in the throes of ecstasy while ketchup dribbles out down his helmet (*ahem*). Or maybe he was sneezing…

Is that really 3 Karen Blacks in this photo?

Poundstretcher meets Stallone in a really bad Cobra rip-off…

That looks like old elephant poo.

Generic 80s action dude gets the Rob Liefeld makeover and the result is? Marc Singers head on top of a wardrobe with tits.

My eyes hurt now. Make it stop.

Credit to
, where most of these efforts were found, skulking….

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