The Top Comics of 2009 countdown! Number 3 – The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft (Image)

This was an unexpected highlight of the year, and maybe more surprising was the fact that it was on Image, when I would have figured it to be a better fit for Vertigo. No complaints though, as Image do a superb job – from the outside in, the whole package exudes quality, with those stunning pulp covers drawing you in. The higher cover price was justified, as each issue felt like a genuine event.

The tale itself is concerned with a tale of Lovecraft, who in his early career as a pulp hack, suffers with a lack of self-esteem, an unrequited love for a girl and has a fair amount of self-loathing. His mis-fortune continues, with him suffering a beating at the hands of sailors on shore leave. However, an encounter with a book brings the horrors of his imagination into the real world, with devastating results. And only he can rid these abominations from our reality….

As you can see from the page of art below, the artist on this title, Tony Salmons, gets the mood just right, conjuring up the eerie glow of an old Universal horror movie….

I loved the book, and you can read reviews of 2, 3 & 4 at the links below; Issue 2 reviewed Issue 3 reviewed
Issue 4 reviewed

I have a slight gripe because issue 4 came out several months after its solicited date, but apart from that, I have nothing but praise. A brilliant achievement courtesy of the pen of Mac Carter and the pencils of Tony Salmons (who created Aeon Flux for MTV). I hope that the purported movie adaptation
, if it gets off the ground, lives up to its source material. It deserves to be treated with respect.

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