The Top Comics of 2009 countdown! Number 6 – Young Liars (Vertigo)

Like ‘Captain Britain & MI13’, ‘Young Liars’ was also taken from us too soon. A brilliant, transgressive work, the ending was too soon, but at the same time we were lucky to get 18 issues of this resolutely non-mainstream title.

I will not even begin to explain what ‘Young Liars’ is about. But if you want to read 18 issues (or 3 trades) of some of the most mind-bending, occasionally frustrating, true spirit of rock n roll filtered into a comic book, then please, indulge yourself. There were so many times throughout its run that I literally gasped at the audacious manner with which David Lapham (writer and illustrator) told this tale. You will probably gasp too. And don’t expect any clear resolutions, any definitive endings, any closure – but read it and cherish it for ‘Young Liars’ is (was) something unique – a comic book title that dared to be very different, and so refreshing from the mass of generic superhero titles that frankly, in the main, leave me cold. ‘Young Liars’ was a triumph of storytelling, and the medium suited it perfectly. ‘Young Liars’ was a highlight of the first half of 2009, and has been missed in the second half of the year. A deserving place in the top 10.

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