2 thoughts on “Christmas Present Idea – Jigsaw of A sim man being used in a training scenario for mountain rescue volunteers. Sim… from Specialist Stock (2009)”

  1. that's nothing, mate… this is the source of real nightmares:*disclaimer. you appear to be based in the netherlands, which may mean your knowledge of british cabinet ministers may be lacking. i'll see if i can find a geert wilders jigsaw to balance it out 😀

  2. Hi NickJigsaws – where do they get the ideas for them from? I have also seen a Shaun Ryder circa 1995 / 1996 (fat, bloated, black grape) and some other really random stuff…the sim man jigsaws are the stuff of nightmares – I can imagine people would get more and more freaked out as you got closer to completing it….Is it Media Storehouse who are selling that jigsaw of Jacqui Smith? I would love to have a tour round their warehouse ;=) Maybe a jigsaw of their Virgin Media statement would have made a pretty interesting puzzle as well. Would have found out what films Mr. Jacqui Smith was claiming at the UK taxpayers expense!BTW, I am an ex-pat, so if you have any more UK cabinet minister jigsaws let me know (though if you find a geert wilders one I would be amazed!)Cheers!TWLB

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