Review – The Boys #37 (DE, 2009)

La Plume De Ma Tante Est Sur La Table

So, now we get the Frenchmans origin. Hughie, perhaps speaking for the ready, wonders why we / he is having another ‘origin’ story told him straight after Mothers Milk beginnings. To be honest, it all seemed a bit silly, an excuse to dabble in a bit of Gallic nonsense and even at the end of the tale, we are none the wiser if what we have been told is ‘true’. There is a bit of an obligatory shag in there (just to remind you you are reading something written by Garth Ennis), some inventive violence / violation and not much of a story – certainly nothing to add to continuity or character development.

Whereas the Mothers Milk origin had a story to tell, this issues ‘origin’ story felt lightweight, as if Ennis is obliged to get all of the characters back history told, but is heart is not in it. We shall see. Shame that ‘The Boys’ has to bow out of 2009 with a (Gallic) shrug of indifference. The good times will return, but this diversion was a missed opportunity. Only the last line that Frenchie said has any impact, and its significance may be telling in the coming issues.

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