Review – The Walking Dead #67 (Image, 2009)

The brakes are being applied in this issue as our group of survivors resume their daily mundane existence, the ‘Hunters’ barely merit a mention. Rick & Carl get to do another father & son heart-to-heart, and while I am usually a fan of them, this time I just felt that Carl was speaking in the exact same voice as Rick and it did not really work. Carl was speaking the words of a man, and no matter how much he has had to grow up, his reasoning behind why he had to kill Ben was too lucid and too sophisticated.

The need for food plays an important part in Walking Dead #67, and it has been touched on before, but I liked the way it dominated the early part of this issue.

True to the solicit, we do find out the truth about Eugene, and I was quite surprised when it was over within a couple of pages – no long lyrical explanations, no soliloquy, just a rather mundane man with a mundane excuse. It rang true, as did Abraham’s reaction, which was far more interesting.

The art is, as ever, pivotal to the success of this book, as much as the writing is. Charlie Adlard gives some of the cast a more unkempt look this issue, especially Rick who is now sporting longer hair and a beard. These subtle changes Adlard introduces also gives a feeling of momentum,of moving on from the ‘Hunters’ arc.

This issue felt like it was over too soon, but it was essentially a holding installment for a big reveal at the end, which is going to lead into a whole new set of variables into this most brilliant of dramas / zombie soap operas. Speaking of the undead, there were a few around in this issue, but only in the distance, an indication, if any is needed, that although the title speaks of them, zombies play less and less of a role in these recent installments. What I am trying to convey is this – ‘The Walking Dead’ does not actually need the walking dead as a focus. The human drama effortlessly grabs your attention, leaving you wanting more.

5 thoughts on “Review – The Walking Dead #67 (Image, 2009)”

  1. evening.funny issue! it was almost auto-pilot efficient; didn't mess around despite not doing very much. mildly disappointed about eugene… lots of intrigue built-up for very little pay-off. am kind of hoping that it's a bluff i.e. that he's playing possum for some reason. not sure what to expect now.feels like the rick/carl 'do what has to be done' plotline has been solidified. given that lots of the cast (morgan/glenn/maggie/rosita) has had little-to-no exposure in some time, i hope to see lots of character stuff soon.dug the food problems/everyone looking wretched stuff a looked lovely.

  2. Hi Nickthat's a good way of summing it up – a funny issue. By the time I had reached the big splash page at the end I was doing a double check to make sure I had not missed any pages. I wish I had not bothered reading the 5 page preview earlier in the week, as that made the whole reading experience even quicker. Still, as you say, it was quietly efficient and was really enjoyable. Even though some of the aspects of the issue were a bit of a let down. Like the Eugene thing. Maybe you are right and this is a bluff. It is hard to tell with Kirkman – I don't know what to expect.The Rick / Carl thing just seemed like a conversation too far – generally I thought these pieces of dialogue have been really well composed. But something about this current one just does not hold up that well. As i said in my review, I think Carl speaks like an adult in this issue. You could validate that by saying that he has had to grow up quickly, that he has had to learn a lot from his father, and therefore maybe he has even adopted his conversational tone. However, I just felt Carl sounded too grown up…The one aspect of the issue that really pleased me was the general air of drudgery – Rick & Abraham look like more weathered than ever (and rightly so). I even thought Michonne was looking more feral, and she is usually pretty immaculate.Nice to see Glenn get some dialogue! Adlards art is a joy. I have been looking at some of the 'Savage' art he was doing with Pat Mills at 2000AD, and you can see how he just gets better at his craft as the years go on. He really is at his best right now, but that does not mean he will not get even better. Him & Kirkman are one of the best creative teams working in comics, up there with the likes of Wagner & Ezquerra, Mills & O'Neill, Lee & Kirby, Ennis & Robertson etcThanks for your thoughts. See you next time!

  3. I can't tell you how happy I am to see Glenn finnaly get to do something in the series besides *ehem* whine/cry/cry out/get shot. It's been such a long time since he's made any positive contribution to the plot besides being alive. He's my favorite character!!

  4. Hi Andrewthe re-emergence of Glenn, as someone who actually speaks, was a nice surprise for me too. It is time we had the likes of Glenn and Michonne back in the front line. The Rick & Carl thing has been done to death lately, it is time we had more of the ensemble drama that makes this title so fresh and exciting.CheersTWLB

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