Dreamcast 10 years on – Japanese Dreamcast Game Cover Art (1999 – 2001)

Not a lot needs to be said about this, other than;

if you were in the UK, near a Gamestation shop or numerous other indie gaming parlours in the late nineties, Japanese imports were the epitome of gaming coolness. Not only, if you had an import Dreamcast, could you play games months before your friends and colleagues, but also everyone outside of Europe has an Orange Dreamcast symbol, as opposed to the Blue one we had. It just looked cooler. Also, lots of Japanese writing down the side of the covers!

Here we are, in order – Biohazard 2 Value Plus, Typing of the Dead, Power Stone 2, Vampire Chronicle, Sengokuturb, Carrier, Illbleed, Zombie Revenge;

4 thoughts on “Dreamcast 10 years on – Japanese Dreamcast Game Cover Art (1999 – 2001)”

  1. Dreamcast Jap Imports were way too sexy, especially when you saw them stood next to their blue PAL counterpart.I guess the special over-size PAL boxes were to accommodate the chunky, multi-language manual inside, something that the NTSC version did not suffer from, so allowing the use of CD cases.I've recently started collecting Dreamcast games again and this time I chose to buy the Jap version of the game. My favourite covers are 18 Wheeler and Dead or ALive 2.Look here for more DC covers.http://dcisozone.com/dreamcast-covers.html

  2. Hi Kicking Kas you say, them Japanese imports were pretty damn sexy. At the local Gamestation in Hull they would line them up in the big front window along with the Playstation imports, like Biohazard 3 and the like. I never had a modded console or an import one, and I never had the cash either, so I never forked out the 50 or 60 quid for one of those very cool games. I had forgot that the cases were smaller as well.I still have my Dreamcast, still use it every now and again. Some stuff, like Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue and, yes, Soul Calibur will probably never date. They are the console game equivalent of 'Surfer Rosa' by The Pixies, or a Philip K Dick novel – made long ago, but will always be enjoyed (by me, at least ;-0 )Thanks for the link to the covers – I will check them out.Thanks for posting.TWLB

  3. I love this post!I love Dreamcast!I love everything about this console….i'm still playing now with this great white box :Di've a dreamcast collection (not too big…but i'm proud of its :)) if you want give a look, there is the collection on my blog;) i have games from every region (USA, PAL & JAP) but the bigger part of the collection is JAP (the consoles that i have are all JAP but i've some games pal or usa to understand better the language :))The japanese version are more beatiful than the Pal or US version……and the limited version are so cool.I always loved the import release, the came out early, the cover are wonderful (give a look to space channel 5 jap, to cosmic smash and many other…..they're really really nice) and don't forget…they have spine cards :DThanks again for this post and sorry for my poor englishLong life to Dreamcast šŸ™‚

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