I love Jigsaws……..really (2009)

……..and this is the reason – Dutch Supermarket giant Albert Heijn have been giving away little books containing 6 pieces of a 144 piece puzzle for every 10 euros you spend in their shop. It has become a bit of an addiction, so much so that I now want to own a jigsaw roll and actually go out and BUY some bloody jigsaws..is this normal? Should I be worried? Anyway, the puzzle they are giving away is of current Eredvisie players in action in kit from the 1950s and the whole thing looks rather splendid, like a Toffs catalogue come to glorious full colour life;

Albert Heijn, by the way, is by far the biggest supermarket in The Netherlands – it’s not like in the UK where you have supermarket wars and also, it is important to note that Albert Heijn primarily sells food and normal supermarket stuff, unlike Tescos & the rest who sell everything.

Anyway, I have identified my next jigsaw;


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