Review – The Walking Dead #65 (2009)

Just read issue #65. I don’t know now. Maybe I was expecting something more – but with ‘Fear The Hunters’ approaching its climax, what is there to ‘fear’? Nothing, it seems.

This is no ‘No-one Is Safe’ – there is no Governor here. Just a collection of tired, miserable people, driven to do what they need to do. Rick and co take the fight to these wretches, with Rick going in and attempting to ‘negotiate’, and this allows time for some back story and exposition – the Hunters explaining their motives. All rather drab it is too – it reminded me of the Bill Hicks monologue about Saddam and ‘The Republican Guard’, who were believed to be (if you believed Hicks) something like 12 foot tall warriors, until the Allied forces got to Baghdad and found normal Iraqis in Uniform. Well, this group of Hunters are even less spectacular. Then, in a neat scene reminiscent of Jensen using the power of his mnd to floor security guards (with a little help from sniper fire) in an early issue of ‘The Losers’, Rick takes the fight to them Hunters….

I liked the last page. Rick looks feral nowadays, a yin to the yang of Sgt Fords Military style neatness. The last 4 or 5 pages nearly made up for the middle section, which was saggy and made me wonder what the fuss was about with ‘The Hunters’ all along.

There were some other nice touches – Eugene being useful, Andrea being altogether useful, caring and a crack-shot, and Charlie Adlard drawing the rack and ruin of Suburbia in such a way that the misery seeps out of the page at you. The death of nearly everything – Charlie Adlard can summon up that vista for you in a few panels of black and white art.

I still enjoyed this issue by the way, but the Hunters seem such an anti-climax.

The Walking Dead #65 is out now from Image.

3 thoughts on “Review – The Walking Dead #65 (2009)”

  1. good review, although i evidently dug it more than you did. I thought the unexpected 'ah, the hunters aren't all that' aspect suitably surprising, and the anti-climax element elicited a 'WTF, what happens now?' from me. if they'd have been dealing with characters of the magnitude of The Governor than it would have been money/old rope, i reckons. what we've got now is an arc with one issue to go, where we've established that the Rick/Abraham/Michonne/Andrea hunting party is probably as resourceful, weathered and dangerous as anyone they're likely to come across – which bodes well for the impending DC culture shock!i'm especially intrigued now to see if and how any of our group are going to come a cropper, especially seeing as the upper-hand is squarely there's.other stuff I liked:- Eugene having the knowledge- the panel of the first neighbourhood Team Rick comes across being very beautiful- the continued reader distance from Maggie/Glenn/little-girl-who's-name-i'm-annoyed-to-have-forgotton… the last time this happened you got a Billy/Ben moment

  2. Hi Nickthe thing is, Image have been hyping this up for months – 'fear the hunters', 'the dead do not stalk' etc…and yet, when you get down to it, they are a big anti-climax. However, you make a good point that a 'Governer mark II' type scenario would have been stretching credibility somewhat. I think what I am trying to get at is the story did not match the hype this time around. The Walking Dead has a great reputation, but maybe too much hype is going to lead to too much expectation.I also agree with you on the Rick, Abraham, Michonne and Andrea team as a force to be reckoned with, and the outcome of their encounter with the Hunters is going to be in stark contrast to what happens next in the 'safe' zone. Maybe the 'Hunters' arc is merely a stepping stone to a better exploration of character in DC, with Rick and Co as a more savage proposition compared to a more stable and benign community.Eugene with the knowledge was a great little scene – and I think we get to see more of him in a couple of issues time. Charlie Adlard has produced some outstanding art recently, with the Suburban details really impressing me – who would have thought a garden bench would signify such menace? A detatched house becomes a sad relic of the way we once lived etcI get a feeling we could be losing Glenn soon….I think Kirkman may have something up his sleeve for the last part of this arc.Appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the time.TWLB

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