The Boys #36 Solicitation for November 2009

Written by GARTH ENNIS
Art and cover by DARICK ROBERTSON
32 pages
Mother’s Milk’s story concludes with a bang, as we find out the nature of the debt he owes Butcher and see him bear witness to a great American tragedy. Hughie gets another view of The Boys’ mission, one he hadn’t considered before, in part two of Nothing Like It In The World.

Full Dynamite solicitations for November 2009 are here;

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (26/08/09)

Here are my picks from this weeks full release schedule;


…a big improvement on last weeks lean pickings – top of the list has to be the new Unknown Soldier, closely followed by the brilliant new Batman title. The other 2 titles bring humour (Deadpool) and some brilliant storytelling (Immortal Weapons). All in all, a great week for comics.

and all of the weeks releases can be seen here

There is a preview of the latest Deadpool issue here

Batman and Robin #3 information here

Immortal Weapons #2 information here

Unknown Soldier #11 information here

Review – Daredevil #500 (Marvel, 2009)

You get the conclusion to the Ed Brubaker / Michael Lark run on Daredevil. You get a preview of Daredevil under the guidance of Andy Diggle and Billy Tan. You get a bonus story (‘3 Jacks’) from Ann Nocenti and David Aja which is quite wonderful, and would easily stand in its own right as an issue of Daredevil. You get a Daredevil 500 issue cover retrospective. You get a gallery of Daredevils from various artists. This is one hell of a way to celebrate the end of the Brubkaer run and Daredevils longevity.

I am quite happy to admit that this is one of the best comic books i have ever read – everything that this creative team have been doing over the last few months comes to together in a near perfect resolution. They manage to finish up all the plot strands but open up a whole new story for Matt Murdoch for Diggle and Tan to work with. The story and art flow in a beautiful way, effortlessly going back many hundreds of years to Japan, and then go back and forth in more recent time, and there is never any jarring in those jumps. The final panel of the main story is dramatic, visually arresting, a closure and a new beginning.

To give away any of the plot would be churlish. It is just superb, and is a testament to the writing of Ed Brubaker (as if he needs references….) and the moody styling of Lark & co. They will be missed on this title, but have given Diggle more than enough to work with. Comic of the year? To be honest, it depends on what The Walking Dead come up with before the end of the year, but this will be very hard to beat…

Bronx Warriors theme tune (1982)

I previously posted a clip of the Bronx Warriors opening scene here;

but now I have gone one better and offer you the opening theme – so indulge yourself with the (John Carpenter inspired) moody electro score, by Walter Rizzati;

Bronx 1990

How can you go wrong with a movie that has the following taglines?

A Heavy Metal Journey Into An Urban Hell Where Everything Was Done Wrong!

The lucky ones were the first to die!

(courtesy of

Bronx Warriors (released in 1982), directed by Enzo G Castellari, mashes up elements of The Warriors (1979) and Escape from New York (1981) and is a lot of fun – it all seems a bit tongue in cheek;

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (19/08/09)

Not much going on this week as far as I am concerned – my 2 picks of the week are;


and all of the weeks releases can be seen here

Daredevil #500 sees the conclusion of the ‘Return of the King’ arc, and also the end of the fabulous Ed Brubaker run as well. Let us hope the issue does him justice. Also, The Stand adaptation continues its fine run with the conclusion of the current ‘American Nightmares’ chapter.


Daredevil #500 preview

The Stand: American Nightmares #5

Review – Ultimate Comics Spiderman #1 (Marvel, 2009)

If the Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 is the action movie, then this title is the light relief, with a few surprises at the end. And a bit of action. Like the new Avengers title, this is a breath of fresh air, with a easy on the eye style (Lafuentes art is stylish but with character – it looks like good comic book art without any pretention to be anything else) and plenty of humour in the first few pages. More than that though, are the plot threads layered over the top of the fundamental one (that being the return of the feared dead Peter Parker as Spider-Man) – like strangers eager to do the same job as Spider-Man, the appearance of one of the Fantastic Four, a return of a formidable foe, and his defeat at the hands of a new character.

It all looks great, and promises a lot for future issues. Like the Avengers title, this could quickly help repair the reputation of the Ultimate Universe after Ultimatum. I have no doubt Bendis will deliver on the story lines.

Which brings me to the one gripe I have with the all new Ultimate line – this issue is set 6 months after Ultimatum, and Avengers is set 3 weeks after. Can’t they sync the titles for continuities sake?