Review – Batman & Robin #3 (DC, 2009)

The hideous Professor Pyg and his deranged dolly followers have Robin trussed up like a pig, while Batman does his best Marv from Sin City impression in interrogation (you’ll get the reference on the first page of this awesome comic). Three issues in and Batman & Robin is simply a joy to read – that is all there is to it. I want to be entertained, I want the Good Guys to get the Bad Guys and I want to look at great art. Well, this title has it all. Does it matter that Bruce Wayne is not the Batman at the minute? Not at all – this Batman is intriguing, mixing street fighting and acrobatics with trying to keep a teenage partner on the team. Robin, precocious, angry and vicious, never outstays his welcome on these pages. In fact, nothing outstays its welcome on these pages.

Pyg is a creepy, hideous villain, the Carny backdrop suited to the Freaks style horrorshow that unfolds. And when one story ends, another opens, and the multi-layered plot of issue 3 rolls to the end with more plots dangling, always tantalising. This comic is really a triumph. One of these a month please, forever?

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