Review – Dead Run #3 (Boom!, 2009)

If you have ever liked Mad Max 2, or any of its numerous offspring, then give this a look. It takes the fantastical elements of the post-apocalyptic genre – the shanty town communities, the customised vehicles, the outlandish desert warrior outfits – and wrap them around a slender story with generic ideas (in this issue, women held in cages for breeding purposes escape and attack their jailer!).

But it works. I love it. The art breathes life into this post-apocalyptic world, clearly showing a love for the genre. The story and dialogue are as cheesy as it gets, but that works within a genre that is 60 or 70% cheese anyway (just check out the early 80s Italian films for proof).

A limited series, and it’s due to end next issue, and that is a shame, as I will quite miss the Saturday Morning Serial-ness of the cliffhangers (“only one radiation suit – but OH NO! there’s two of us!!”) and the silliness of it. Comics like this deserve a chance, and I am glad they are around to put a little extra colour into the medium.

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