Review – Marvel Zombies 4 #4 (Marvel, 2009)

So, the fourth iteration of the Marvel Zombies comes to its conclusion. Overall, Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker have conjured up a nice, compact tale of voodoo drenched dark horror, alleviated by the occasional appearances from the head of Zombie Deadpool, and his silent companion and means of transport, Simon Garth. They get to play their parts, with Deadpool getting the better of the deal (but hey, everyone loves Deadpool, so that’s okay, right?).

The Midnight Sons, Man-Thing, The Hood – they all get their stories wrapped up. The plague cloud poses its threat. Hellcat makes a brief appearance. There are some Zombies in it, but this latest tale of the Marvel Zombies has been less concerned with the undead than a horror-mood. I think they managed to achieve it, making the title redolent of the many creature feature and horror titles that Marvel churned out in the 70’s. This tone, with the added mysticism that the Dread Dormammu added to the proceedings, gave the title a unique and generally successful air. Okay, maybe the conclusion is a little too neat and tidy, a little too pat – but taken as a whole, I enjoyed this tale of the Midnight Sons, and the fact that Van Lente and Walker raided the C and D lists of Marvel characters (again, like they did in MZ 3) and made something compelling and worth reading. Was the last issue entertaining? Not as much as the first couple of issues. Will I be reading the next chapter in the Marvel Zombies saga?

Hell yes – and it looks like we are going to be getting some Suydam covers as the franchise reinvents itself again – by going back to the characters from the first 2 Marvel Zombies series.

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