Review – The Boys: Herogasm #3 (DE, 2009)

More of the same at ‘Herogasm’, which means more T & A and inventive sexual scenarios, including, this time around, an activity involving one of those overworked hookers and a dog. Yes, Herogasm #3 contains bestiality – though it is unclear whether or not the dog is a superdog or not. Lucky dog, maybe, but whether he has super powers is to be confirmed. Looking at the various configurations of flesh, sexual positions, sexual couplings, drugs and general debauchery, I must admit to being jaded by it all – but the Supes, of course have more stamina and staying power – this is their one big party of the year, right? Maybe that is the point – the reader is supposed to feel exhausted just watching them.

This issue concerns itself with a couple of plots, one being The Boys putting a plan into action, using an analogue of the Fantastic Four (and primarily that iteration of the Thing) as a diversion tactic. It is a kidnap, and apart from Hughie being involved in an encounter with Black Noir, it all goes to plan. Hughie, however, is more than a bit perturbed by the days events. Don’t know what Black Noir actually did, but it looked pretty graphic and painful. The other plot development is a concerned with a downed Trans Pacific airline which was en-route from Sydney to LA. With no survivors, this is obviously a tragedy, and a conscientious Vought American exec has seen a copy of the last flight transmissions, and there is mention of a flying naked…and that is all we get. Seems as if Herogasm spilled out (sorry) into the skies, and collateral damage resulted. Time for the hush-up.

I am more than a bit confused about the continuity between Herogasm and the main Boys title. Is it set before most of ‘The Self-Preservation Society’? I assume so as The Female is still operational.

Some of the Convention / Herogasm talk – on Superhero politics, on animosity between Heroes and Villains mingling, on the fact that some of the smaller companies heroes may get bumped off due to the ‘crossover’ event that is Herogasm (they may die due to excess, it gets spun and retold as a heroic death) – that was all cool.

With everything that is going on, you are pleasantly surprised by the end reveal – when you see the target of The Boys kidnapping. Tethered to a chair and having suffered a bit at the hands of Butcher and Co, it is a great moment. Herogasm #3 continues this mini-series with some intriguing story threads put in place. Is it as good as The Boys? Nearly. I just wish the continuity issue could be resolved, as it seems as if this event is not in ‘real-time’ with the main title, but is a recent occurence, and that slightly spoils the enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Review – The Boys: Herogasm #3 (DE, 2009)”

  1. Yes, it was just THRILLING to get to the end of the book and realize that they'd kidnapped… some random guy that we neither know nor care about. Boy, was I ever shocked to realize that they'd captured… uh, "some dude". It nearly made my heart explode from adrenaline overload when faced with the SEARING KNOWLEDGE that The Boys had just spent an entire issue building up to a full-page Reveal of… "random guy in a suit, tied to a chair." I think we'll be talking about this one around the Water Cooler for years to come.

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