Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (01/07/09)

My picks for this week;


The second issue of the new Batman and Robin
is out this week. The first issue was brilliant, a truly great opener, and I reckon the second issue will fulfill fans expectations again. Solicit reads;
“Batman Reborn” continues with the reteaming of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, WE3, New X-Men)! In a blazing Gotham City police department, the new Batman and Robin face the bizarre, fighting freakshow that is the Circus of Strange and find that they don’t make as good a team as Batman had hoped! Meanwhile, the mysterious Sasha escapes from Professor Pyg and vows vengeance on the people who killed her father. Preview of Batman and Robin #2 here –

Dead Run #2 continues its B-Movie style, journey through a Post-Apocalyptic America. Solicit reads;
“All Speed. No Limits.” The end isn’t near… it’s here. America has become a wasteland, leaving the few cities that remain transformed into impenetrable fortresses. NICK MASTERS a driver, the best there is. If you need something picked-up, delivered, or disposed of, Nick’s your man. But when he fails to deliver… all hell breaks loose. Part two of the epic saga that redefines the science fiction action genre. From the writer of HEXED and FALL OF CTHULHU, Michael Alan Nelson, collaborating for the first time with EUREKA creator Andrew Cosby!. To be honest, I thought the first issue was a lot of fun, even if the dialogue was BAAAD, in a Post-Apocalytpic Italian B-Movie of the early 80’s kind of way. I expect the second issue to be more of the same, which is no bad thing at all.

The Boys #32 continues with the hugely entertaining ‘Self Preservation Society’ arc. Worryingly, the solicit kicks off with the ominous words;
‘With the Female gone and the survivors left reeling,’
which does not sound good at all, but after the monumental scrap she had last time, could she really be dead? Anyway, the rest of the solicit reads;
‘…the Boys find out who’s after them the hard way- walking straight into a nightmarish trap. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fair against a front-rank supe team of unimaginable power? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher decides to meet fire with fire… in The Self-Preservation Society, part two.’

Deadpool Merc With a Mouth #1. Marvel seem pretty keen to make Deadpool the new Wolverine, with countless iterations of the character in various titles, running alongside each other. Here is another…the solicit reads;
“HEAD TRIP,” Part 1 of 6 It’s the Merc with two mouths! Deadpool travels to the Savage Land to retrieve what might be the deadliest bio-weapon the universe has ever seen. What is this deadly object? Well, Deadpool’s employer is being a little vague about that. Let’s just say when the secret is finally revealed, it’s enough to throw even the Merc with two Mouths for a loop…Oh hell, we can’t keep a secret, it’s the severed-but-still-hungry head of the Marvel Zombies Deadpool! To save the universe, Deadpool must team up with himself to dodge Hydra operatives, dinosaurs, cavemen and zombie cavemen as he attempts to take his not-so-precious cargo back where it came from: the Marvel Zombies Universe. Plus, a bonus reprinting of the first apperanace of Deadpool from New Mutants #98!
It has a great Sudyam cover, and Deadpool titles are generally entertaining, so expect something good. The Zombie-Deadpool has been the best thing about Marvel Zombies 4, so it is reasonable to expect Marvel were going to get some more mileage out of that character. – Deadpool MWAM #1 preview

Destroyer #4 has come around pretty quick – only been 2 weeks since the last issue. This time Destroyer at long last comes face to face with the legions of HORDE, and buried deep within their secret base lays a threat like none Destroyer has ever faced before. This issue, the violence gets turned up to ‘awesome’, apparently, so this should be something pretty unique as last time around the whole issue was soaked in blood and gore (and not a lot else to be honest). 4 preview

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