The Walking Dead. Who will die at the hands of the Hunters? (Image, 2009)

Warning – potential spoilers – disclosure of recent events in The Walking Dead up to issue 61

There are my predictions on those who will fall during the forthcoming ‘Fear the Hunters’ arc;

Dale 2-1
Andrea 2-1
Glenn 5-1
Morgan 5-1
Rosita – 7-1
Sophia 10-1
Maggie 10-1
Eugene 12-1
Rick 25-1
Michonne 25-1
Carl 50-1
Abraham 50-1

and those who might fall at the hands of the survivors;

Father Gabriel Stokes 5-1

As you can see, I am probably playing it safe and not going for any bold picks – Dales exit has been telegraphed for the last few issues, I reckon Andrea will fall with him, Glenn is expendable as he is never really at the forefront… Rosita and Morgan are probably good outside bets, though I think Kirkman will not want to waste such an interesting character as Morgan, especially when he held him in reserve for 5 years and only recently brought him back, with the tragedy of losing his son. Then again, he might well dispense with him. It is that unpredictable. That is why he is at 5-1. There is a lot of mileage left in the mystery that is Dr Eugene Porter, and Abraham and Carl are virtually guaranteed safety, as they are the most interesting and fulfilling characters in the series at the minute – the way Kirkman has written Carl further, deeper into the story is quite brilliant, the child turning into an embittered, embattled survivor before our eyes. The difference between him and Sophia (who is still largely mute and maybe even more of a child than ever, regressing further back after all that has happened) is more than a chasm. Their relationship is more protector / protected than childhood friends.

But….if another child goes (and lets face it, there are only 2 left at the minute) it will be her – though I doubt Kirkman will do that. For now. Rick is a little less safe than Abraham and Carl, but should make it. Michonne is the one that perplexes me most. Largely absent from the main story since the Prison siege and the Woodbury attack, she seems to be waiting to be struck out of the series, just treading water…..but surely Kirkman would not get rid of such a fantastic and strong female character (especially if Andrea goes)?

Is Father Gabriel Stokes all he seems? This is another fascinating question. Personally, I think he is there as a plant amongst the group, a beacon for the Hunters. He could fall quickly if he is identified as an imposter. Lets face it, Rick, Carl and Abraham do not waste any time in getting rid of potential threats – there is no hand wringing or moral quandry. He could be one of the first to go. My prediction is that Sgt Ford does the deed.

Finally – an outside piece of speculation;


Odds on that? 75-1. You never know.

5 thoughts on “The Walking Dead. Who will die at the hands of the Hunters? (Image, 2009)”

  1. Dale and Glenn are gone. I'm one hundred percent sure of that. And if someone else has to die as well I'm pretty sure it's going to be Rosita (it'll create a dramatic foil in Abraham's character) and they might just throw in Sophia's death just for Carl to show some f'ing emotion.

  2. Rosita? Interesting….I can see that happening, as a spur for further investigation of Abrahams character. If you read the single issues as opposed to the trades, then you will know a bit more about what is happening with Dale, and as for Glenn – yup, I think he is gone.Surely Kirkman can't kill another kid? But if he does, it won't be Carl….I think the 3 issues so far have been good, not spectacular, but the final 2 should be explosive (the latest issue built up the tension that next issue must be the release).Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. If the survivors find out that Eugene is a hunter then they're definitely going to kill him. Abraham would probably do the honors but I wouldn't put it past Rick or Carl either.

  4. Well looks like I was completely wrong. Only Dale died. I think that Kirkman is done with killing bunches of characters at one time and this arc was a testament to that.

  5. I agree – I think Kirkman used 'No-One is Safe' as a way to clear the decks and produce a truly shocking moment in comics history – how many other titles can claim to wipe out roughly half of its cast in a handful of issues? He will not be repeating that feat again – why should he? The guy moves onwards and doesn't, as yet, repeat his glories. He just finds new ways to make the title brilliant.I was right about Dale, but all my other predictions, from Eugene being a Hunter to Stokes being in league with the Hunters, were a miserable failure….

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