Review – The Boys #31 (DE, 2009)

First off, let me say that Carlos Ezquerra fits right in. He brings that Dredd and Strontium Dog nostalgia, but proves he can still summon up some great panels – an example being the full page blow out of violence and gore on page 5. Also, personally speaking, he seems to imbue Billy Butcher with a bit more of the football thug that has obviously been struggling to come out these past few years – there is something of the Jimmy Pursey about Billy Butcher…

The story? It is fantastic. Kicking off ‘The Self Preservation Society’ arc, we have some amazing violence to start with (the Boys in full flow), and then in the aftermath we get Hughie letting off steam, feeling disillusioned, discovering he does not like his job that much and just wants to take his girl and run as far away as possible. Who hasn’t felt like that? So we connect with Hughie, like we usually do, because Hughie is a little bit like us. The nice, good guy. The ‘supes’ plot and scheme against their tormenters and finally strike, and it is devastating in a Tarentino True Romance (thinking – Arquette and Gandolfini) / Kill Bill type of showdown. It looks like it hurts. Its brilliant. Just dont touch the dog. Though judging by the cover of issue 32, not everyone is on-message.

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