The List – the Top 3 Beastie Boys EPs (from 1987 onwards)

This week TWLB has been posting some nice lists all about the Beastie Boys, simply because they are great and make us very happy indeed, and have been doing this amazing trick for years. So, this week you already have the top 5 Beastie Boys singles, and the Top 4 Beastie Boys albums and so today we have the Top 3 Beastie Boys EP’s

The Top 3 Beastie Boys EPs

No.3 – Pretzel Nugget

Some great stuff off and around the ‘Ill Communication’ album, including the ‘Mullet Head’ track which I think was on one of the ‘Sure Shot’ single releases. It also includes the marvellous ‘Fluttermans Rule’ and funny ‘Heart Attack Man’. It works as a condensed taste of a brilliant album.

No.2 – ‘Aglio e Olio’

Released during their very productive mid-nineties perios, ‘Aglio e Olio’, released in 1995, is a return to their punk roots. Fast, funny, furious. Not a lot of rhythm and no hip hop, but it works well on a lot of the tracks, especially ‘Brand New’ and ‘Nervous Assistant’.

No.1 – ‘Root Down EP’

Another cut from the prime that is ‘Ill Communciation’, ‘Root Down’ is included in several versions, with some non-LP material (‘Time To Get Ill’, ‘Mullet Head’) and the brilliant ‘Time For Livin” off ‘Check Your Head’. A truly great compilation of Beastie Boys diverse talents. A very good EP.

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