Top Comic Title of the Week (06/05/2009)

For 3 reasons;

1) Despite this issue supposedly being a breather and a bridge between the last arc and the forthcoming ‘Self-Preservation Society’, this had more incident, action and plots than most anything else around at the minute.

2) Billy Butcher was in action. That is good enough for comic of the week. Plus, the few panels of action between The Female and The Frenchman said more than it takes most comics whole issues to do.

3) This issue gave us enough of an idea of whats coming next to suggest that Ennis is really upping the stakes with ‘The Self-Preservation Society’. ‘The Boys’ has a lot to recommend it, but this next arc – inked by the legendary Carlos Ezquerra – is going to take this title to a whole new level. I am sure of it. All this, and Herogasm #1 is out soon. Good times.

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