Review round up for this weeks comic book releases (06/05/09)

Deadpool #10 (Marvel)

The ‘merc with a mouth’ is making some enemies in high places (ie Norman Osborn), so Osborn despatches his Dark Avenger Hawkeye (AKA Bullseye) to get rid of him. Prior to their showdown you get Deadpool undertaking a job that will make all High School Jocks think twice in future. Even his (Deadpools) robberies are more entertaining than 75% of all other comic book action this week. Fact…Funny, with pulsating action (and the worst stitch up job complete with dodgy video evidence eve seen in a comic book. You will fear the new USA of Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, this issue gets 9 out of 10.

Marvel Zombies 4 #2 (Marvel)

This story is very different to the last iteration of the MZ franchise, with its technological vs the supernatural theme. This time around the atmosphere is thick with fog and gloom, devils and demons and the demonic, the undead and the cursed against the hordes of revenants. With an appearance from The Hood and his own brand of killer with dry humour character, plus undead head of Deadpool and Simon Garth making a winning combination. It is as good as issue #1 of MZ4, with the art being a real treat this time. I hope they give MZ5 to this creative team (Fred Van Lente & Kev Walker), because they are surpassing the Kirkman original for inventiveness and entertainment. 8.5 out of 10.

Terror Inc. Apocalypse Soon #1 (Marvel Max)

The new Max title has Chris Lapham (Young Liars) telling a tale that reminds me a little of the Rolling Stones song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. It certainly has the ambition, scope and epic feel of that classic song. ‘Terror Inc.’ incorporates the Bubonic plague, treachery in many forms, revenge, orgies and modern day Experimental Camps hosting killer viruses. The one constant is a certain Mr Terror, a grotesque, lecherous immortal killer. If this all sounds good, then believe me it is. Lapham knows how to weave a tale around the listener, and mixes horror and humour without it being too jarring. Some of the story is a bit tough going emotionally, but when would you expect David Lapham to pull punches? A great first

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