Review – The Boys #30 (Dynamite, 2009)

After the shocks of last issue, The Boys takes a slower pace this time around, allowing us to focus a little on the members of ‘The Boys’. We get to see The Frenchman and his tender relationship with the Female (even if it is not reciprocated), as he tries to normalise their situation (and very touching it is (literally), and told in a very economical number of panels). Hughie gets closer and opens up to his girl Annie, and Mother’s Milk vents. Billy Butcher has some of the best scenes this time round, visiting Kessler and Rayner and making a few things clear to both of them. The best scenes however, are all about Pre-Wiz, the G-Men protege super team. I will not say anything other than three words SICK but FUNNY.

All this, however, is a sideshow for what is coming up. Basically, its Homelander and the rest of the superheroes gunning for The Boys, with tacit approval from the powers that be. This leads us up to issue #31, where the new arc ‘THE SELF-PRESERVATION SOCIETY‘ kicks in – with art by Carlos Ezquerra! This is going to be very very good indeed.

So, this issue was a ‘breather’ was it? You could have fooled me. There was so much going on that you just know that creativity is in no short supply on this title. Violent and funny and exciting and sick and twisted but all very entertaining while staying intelligent and with its tongue firmly in its cheek. Listen – Comics get no better. Until next issue, anyway…

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