When bad things happen to good intentions – Spam Apocalypse on a Zombie Film Festival Forum! (2009)

A couple of actors from the British soap opera Emmerdale have a passion for Zombie fiction and have been promoting their Zombie Film Festival which happened last weekend in Leeds. One of the main promotional tools has been a website;


the festival looks like it was a lot of fun, with a few good movies on the bill. The site also has a potted history of Zombie films which is witty and informative. These guys obviously have a passion for the subject. There is also a forum on the site. This is where things start to go a bit awry. It starts off well enough, with a sticky post from one of the guys who has set up the festival;

but then, very quickly, an unexplained, unforeseen disaster befalls this part of the site, in what can only be described as a spam apocalypse.

When there is no more room in Google mail, the spam will walk the Leeds Zombie film festival forum pages;

and the spam carries on;


mercilessly, with their eerie moans of “viiiiagrraaaa, piillllllssss, dippplomaaass”

By the way – you have been warned that that forum is NSFW because of the nature of the posts. Beware.

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