4 thoughts on “Smash Hits Covers 1979-1984”

  1. BRILLIANT! My friend and I were just reminiscing about the Smash Hits covers from the early 1980's and then we discovered this gold! Thanks so much for this post!!

  2. Hi guys,I have seen this other blog also and its very thorough!!I am and have been in the process of collecting all of the Smash Hits Mags from 1980 -1989. As you can imagine this has taken a long time on ebay and thousands of dollars. I only have about 25 more to collect, then I will be scanning each of the covers and will post on a blog, but more importantly will put all the covers together in a newly designed poster. Stay tuned in the next 6 months!!

  3. Hi,I have a stack of smash hits im selling at the moment. from 1st issue to mid 80's. If you want any, let me know or I can scan some covers for your poster if you dont want to buy them on ebay.Good luck!

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