Top comic titles this week (released 08.04.2009)

Young Liars #14 was just more proof that this series gets better with age – it is a confusing, sprawling epic, where reality is at no fixed address, but blimey it ROCKS.

Marvel Zombies 4 #1 further enhances the reputation of the Van Lente / Walker team up and shows that their success on Marvel Zombies 3 was no fluke. Why don’t they get to run with the Marvel Zombies franchise with a monthly title?

Also worthy of mention were the Captain Britain & MI13 and Infinite Horizon releases this week. Captain Britain vs Dracula sounds like it should be from his original run in the 70s, but trust me, this title is a must. Superbly written by Paul Cornell, it demands a wide audience. A close third this week. Infinite Horizon – all I can say is welcome back! Great writing and magnificent art.

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