Review – The Boys #29 (Dynamic Forces, 2009)

The Boys find out the chilling truth about Godolkin

This is an uncomfortable and hard to read issue at times, as we finally learn the truth about Godolkins recruitment tactics, his proclivities and Government / Big Business’ willingness to turn a blind eye to the whole mess. Hughie, who has led from the front throughout this storyline, and is rapidly becoming my favourite member of the team, is fired up and ready to make a stand against the forces of Godolkin…but to say anything else would ruin the surprise. But what a surprise it is.

The art is exemplary, especially the final face-off which is an exceptional epic. The dialogue is sharp and pointed, the plotting tight. A highlight of the week.

This issue, the culmination of the whole Godolkin / G-Men storyline, has a satisfying conclusion, showing that it isn’t always The Boys who have to clean up the mess that superheroes make. The Boys is going through a great run of form at the moment, so let us hope it continues. Also, The Boys hits 30 next month, a real landmark, and one to be celebrated.

The Boys #29, published by Dynamic Forces, is out now.

2 thoughts on “Review – The Boys #29 (Dynamic Forces, 2009)”

  1. It’s too bad that Ennis seems to feel that his strength as a writer lies in being as offensive as humanly possible. In the (increasingly rare) moments when he gives the whole “My, aren’t I SHOCKING” thing a rest and focuses on this characters, his writing as as good as it gets for comics. As it is, I’m certain that he’s driving away potential fans, and the few new fans he’s attracting probably aren’t the kind that have jobs and pay for things.

  2. Hi Maven, I do agree with you on the whole ‘Shocking’ schtick, especially when you read the likes of ‘Crossed’, which sometimes just appears to be a game of who blinks first between Ennis and Burrows to create the most grossly offensive comic / comic art ever. You are also right that when he focusses more on the story and characters ( and characters are something which seems to have been forgotten in ‘Crossed’) he is one of the best in the business. ‘The Boys’ is highly enjoyable at the minute, and that makes ne happy and makes me continue to buy Ennis product. Even ‘Crossed’.

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