Create your imaginary-album-cover-for-your-imaginary-band game

More exciting than the MS Paint album cover guessing game – this is fantasy bands and their album covers. Take a look here to see what it is all about;

Also, the basic steps are listed here;

Give your band a name;
all you do is use the title of a randomly-generated Wikipedia article. If you don’t fancy that one, just try the link again for another random name!

Give your album a title;
here all you do is use the last few words from the last quote on a page of random quotations.

Give your album title the art it deserves;
this is the real fun part – choose the image that comes up using this Flickr tool, which generates a random image – and best of all, they are without copyright restrictions! So feel free to borrow and adapt them to your needs!

Customise the artwork;
using Photoshop, Paint, etc, make the overall package perfect for your bands image.

Finally – post the results in the comments of the Flickr photo!

The one I produced (see bottom of the post) was adapted from a marvellous photo on flickr. Here is the link for the original;

and here it is – ‘The Power To Forget’, by Blantyre!

Then, of course, I had to write a thumbnail biog for my made up band and their imaginary album;

‘Blantyre’s unique brand of shoe gazing and garage rock sensibility matured on their third album, ‘The Power To Forget’. Released in 1993, it was a minor success in the US and France, though largely ignored in the UK following their disappointing second album, ‘Blantyre II’. Following a tour of the US and Canada in 1994 to promote ‘The Power To Forget’, internal tensions came to a head, resulting in the group announcing their split in early 1995. ‘The Power To Forget’ proved to be their last album, and a worthy legacy.’

There, I feel better for that.

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